Near us

The economy of Gangi is based by farms production and agriculture. The country is the most important element of this territory, it is not abandoned. You find excellent alimentary products, recognised for the high quality and also for the taste (in Gangi , you find Slow Food Alte Madonie organization). The cheeses (ricotta, provola, etc.) and the meats make our territory famous for the genuineness of these products.
The pretty and smiling rural landscapes around the Villa provoke into the visitor tranquillity and surprise … a bucolic paradise from which to be caught totally .

Near Gangi there are some interesting archaeological zones like Alburchia mountain. Very close to Villa Viola, 2000 years ago in Alburchia there was collocated a mysterious city, maybe the origin of Gangi.

Sperlinga is a small village close to Gangi, only 17 kilometres of distance. There are 900 inhabitants and this small town is famous because it presents a particularity: from the prehistoric period the rock above the village has been excavated by man to build shelters, and now it is possible to visit.
The Castle, in the high part of the village, presents inside large rooms, prisons, an old Church etc..

The nature is a fundamental element of this territory and it is represented by the wonderful parks around, like Parco delle Madonie. Located in the North of Sicily, Parco delle Madonie has got the highest mountains of the region (except for Etna). It is interesting to visit it because it can find a great variety of landscape in the different seasons of the year.
There is also a great variety of animal races.

Our territory is a mountain area but at only 51 kilometres it is possible to go to sea of Cefalù, that is one of most famous touristic destination.

Villa Viola is a piece of paradise in the middle of Sicily, ideal for a relaxing holiday.

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